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-- when the individual mandate is justified and the commerce -- commerce power, whether it is justified and the necessary and proper power of the constitution, and whether or not it can be justified under the taxing power. in thinking about the burdens on the challengers, i think it is worth focusing on the fact that these are three issues and the government only needed to prevail on one of these issues. these are three separate arguments for why the federal government had the power to pass this statute. so, i think back to the statement that there was only a 1% chance of prevailing. part of the challenge for those attacking the statute was they did have to run the table on these arguments, and to make matters more difficult, i think it was conventional wisdom and a part of conventional wisdom that did not turn out to be wrong, but there were four votes on the court ready to uphold the law and any one of these grounds. when that meant in practical terms is that in order to prevail, the challengers need to run the table, and i'm these three issues get 15 out of 15 available votes the goo
talked a long time ago for a "for a magazine" story. one of the things that you said is that commerce, in an of itself, is not the enemy. it is the backbone of civilization. >> to be against commerce is to be against your clothing. who would be against commerce? we just said we are living in a world that has been overly come modified. where everything has been turned into a commodity value. people do not have the identities. we are world full of brands and no identity. you can read your entire life -- you can do your business and go about in the world using your credit card and never really look anyone in the eye. a world in which things have been comodified, things that should never have been. you cannot put a price on love. you cannot put a price on things that make life meaningful. but this isn't a consumer culture. even though we know we cannot keep it up. if the chinese adopt our lifestyle, we are all goners, we know that. it is not the third world anymore, it is the developing world. well, they are developing and they want things, too. the 21st century will be about competing fo
-american chamber of commerce, the hispanic chamber of commerce, the mexican contractors, and the list goes on and on. we meet on a regular basis and they advise me on ways of increasing utilization of the small businesses, disadvantaged businesses, and disadvantaged -- disabled veterans enterprise businesses. as you can see, if you can look at our statewide small business council, which covers the entire estate, a number of our council members are actually included in this statewide, including fred jordan, which i'm sure most of you know. he is a good friend. he's certainly the most recognized figure in the state advocating for increased participation of underrepresented and disadvantaged businesses, and we are grateful and lucky to have him committed to our council. with the state of the state and the state of our nation and the fiscal condition, we're all asked to do more with less. we're all asked to do -- with less employees, with less resources. one of the employees that you should know, which is -- i put the contact information there, is my liaison for our small business program, geo
regulate commerce. i actually think the distinction probably maps on more closely to the direct-indirect tax framework that the commerce power. if there is one person who has embraced this distinction in the commerce clause opinion, it was the chief justice. to embrace that distinction but then to turn around and basically say as he did that a tax on not havingt insurance is no different from a tax on gasoline i think makes a very important jump. you've just said all those other cases were distinguishable because congress was regulating action. i know a lot of taxes on gas and all sorts of things. i am not that familiar with being taxed for not doing something. it is still a weakness in the taxing analysis that emerges as the majority opinion. >> we are going to take one last question from manny. go ahead, manny. >> thank you. plf recently filed a motion which is still pending about the impropriety of using the tax code because the bill in this case did not really originated in the house so it violates the origination clause. >> i have not studied that issue so i really do not w
things, that is great. if they pay money for these things, fine. we are not against commerce. in essence, when they do that, we see that as a gift to others. they are giving that to other people. they are dressing up the landscape. they are certainly not staying in their tent. but there is that notion. there have been fashion spreads in some magazines about that burner look. and but you will not see me in fluffy leggings. [laughter] that is fine for anyone that prefers them. i do not know. there are just a lot of people that do pay a lot of attention. i am one of them. i suppose, if you wanted to have that special, that
an alliance with the business community. one of the biggest champions is that california chamber of commerce. we know it is good for business. and please, organized with the neighborhood bars. there are so many great neighborhood bars in this city that could add that neighborhood element to political organizing. and when you are a district supervisor, it is one thing to have nightclub owners come to you. it is another thing to have neighborhood business owners like bar owners coming to you. we need to organize as a bar owner and that will move us in a positive direction. i am optimistic about the future of night life in this city. i think we have turned a corner. there's a broader and broader consensus that this matters for the broader culture of san francisco. thank you. [applause] for many years, the entertainment commission -- >> for many years, the entertainment commission, which has been under the auspices of the city was guided by ed lee. he is now the mayor san francisco. he was going to be here today, but was called away. but he sent paul anderson to deliver a message. [applause] >>
association, the chamber of commerce, the national parks conservancy, the last meeting, a couple of the restaurant managers did come out to support this endeavor, as well as two of the landlords, drakes east bay company, we're excited because they're a local company, food service distributors, the peninsula, spca, dug mccon nel and erik bran den badgering, although this project has a lot of support, staff has spoken to members of community who expressed concerns about hours of operation, delivery schedule, outreach, lights and garbage and a number of people bho have come to this meeting -- come to the operations community include patricia joy, arthur, gloria and louis dillon. as we move forward, our next steps, we do recommend that the commission does approve the recommendation for the board of supervisors to approve this lease agreement. upon approval by the commission to recommend the agreement, staff will work diligently with the board of supervisors to schedule this item. should it be approved by the board, wood house will hire an architect to submit detailed drawings, they w
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customers and ratepayers. our low income commerce as well. we want to ensure that they are not caught in a program that they did not realize that they could opt out of. so i worked with a number of colleagues, who were very concerned about this issue, president chiu, supervisor cohen, supervisor mar, to come up with a series of amendments which we worked with the puc and the city attorney on, to add some additional protection for our most low income customers. i have a number of them. we have copies to share with all of our colleagues. but just to summarize through some of them, one is to make sure that we are able to provide discounts for our low income consumers that commence rate with discounts typically provided with pg&e customers for their care customers. we also wanted to find ways of developing a funding mechanism, whether it's voluntary donations from other clean power sf customers or perhaps even the $5 fee for those that opt out later in the program that could be used to actually augment or subsidize the cost of the bills for our care customers. we also want to target the e
association and the san francisco chamber of commerce, who took the time to meet with us, and work with us, and make recommendations not only about the underlying legislation, but also about the membership of the task force. and i think that we can see here is that this is a pretty diverse task force of people that represent different sectors of the san francisco community, and the business community in particular. with respect to dawn huston, she couldn't be here today and there was going to be someone who would speak on her behalf but that person actually broke a leg last night. so they couldn't be here. but maybe the term break a leg is a good sign. i don't know. but it is my honor to move forward with a positive recommendation the following appointments, ace wiseman for seat one, charlotte noss seat two, terrence valen, seat three. shaw san liu who has been the driving force, if there is a driving force behind this, for seat no. 4. tina liang chen for seat five. dawn huston for seat six. karen heisler who again she and her partner demonstrate every day that it is possible to be success
's the same debate. you talk about the commerce clause. you talk about geek show protection and due process, substantive due process. it's all the same debate, and it is an appropriate debate. and it's one that i would wish what sort of tried to reach the same high level that we saw in philadelphia. and that we are going to see at other points in the ratification who writes like this sort of defenses and arguments that you see in the federalist? who sits at home and draft arguments and letters at you saw mason. he didn't have a staff drafting. these were people who were engaged in the constitution and i also wanted to know these were not scholars. these were not people that appropriated to themselves the sole licensed to interpret or to talk about this great document. these were farmers. these were businessmen. some of them who had formal education and some who did not. that they cared about this country and i think we still have it today. and you know i think that again, go back to your book. you talk about the written and the unwritten constitution. wealthy and written constitution is rea
place this evening. happened just before seven. a man walked in to a home in the 1800 block of commerce way in the san antonio contradict. witnesses reported hering four gun shots. inside the home a man in his 20s was found dead. he was shot several times. the gunman then walked out, got into a ford van and drove away. he is african american, act about 6 feet. >> trouble is brewing tonight in san francisco's mission district. a crowd of people broke windows at a wells fargo bank, slashed tires and sprayed paint on biling before the crowd dispersed. an officer involved shooting there last night has rekindled anger in the community. >> reporter: with gang tensions summering police are stepping up patrols but they will also watch for their own stations. last night a group of protesters,. >> this is murder. >> reporter: went through and spray painted killers on the station's front doors, a brief standoff followed. they moved on. early this morning work crews cleaned up. >> police are here to protect and serve the public. it's not good to see that. >> reporter: the protest was in response
block of commerce way . the victim's body was found inside of a home but it is unclear whether the man was shot inside the home or outside of the house . police have a description of the suspect . >> the company that owns not berry farm in southern california is shutting down its win to secure rights in north america . this comes after some were stranded 300 ft. above the crowd for nearly three and a half hours on wednesday . a frozen great cause of the security system to shut down . the sixth rise in u.s. and canada will remain closed while they conduct a safety investigation . >> coming up ,, giants beeper >>ysabel: here is another live look outside for mt. tam . heavy cloud cover but it is shaping of to be a beautiful day this first day of fall . . >> the stickers will be distributed on trains from 10:00 a.m. --1 beyonce or at station for of the weekend . >>marty: the giants are just two wins away from clinching the division . they have won five straight and is getting fans excited . j.r stone has more . >> many giants fans did what they have to to get to the ballpark . >> th
one. that's trillion with a t. department of education? gone. interior, energy, hud, commerce, gone. that's how ron paul rolls. >> i forgot than one. that was pretty good too. why did you like it so much? >> i like it because it's interesting. most ads are so dull. someone speaks in the cam rand and says nothing interesting. that's very compelling be. the problem, the reason you don't see ads like, that and one problem with the republicans are telling romney, a lot of republicans are saying to romney be more specific, be more detailed. there is a reason romney is not being more detailed. he is for a lot of the same cuts in the budget that ron paul was for. and the problem is those are not very popular. i mean i like -- the problem with that ad and the problem with cuts romney is proposing, most voters don't support them. romney doesn't want to talk about the details because the details are not popular that he is offering. >> no one wants to hear any talk about the mortgage interest deduction tax even being examined adds possibly being taken off the table. matt welch, really quickly,
the program is one third smaller than it is today. >> so for the commerce and from florida he is 200,000 beneficiaries, for because 7000 medicare advantage. you know, 10, 12, 15,000 beneficiaries will lose the plan may have today moved back into the traditional program. i don't be that as a positive development. fee-for-service has advantages and can be an important program, but one has to recognize it is not coordinated care. it is fragmented care and doesn't deliver higher-quality care. there is so much are to prove that. >> so your testimony today is the trustees, the people calling and strikes are saying that any period of six years, a third of the beneficiaries are going to be out of the system and it is your conclusion that one third leaves because of the downward pressure on reimbursement. either they take themselves out. the beneficiaries do, or carriers no longer participate in the program. as i write quick >> slightly less than one third come to just below that most of the reasons why. >> by yield that. >> mr. reichert is recognized for five minutes. >> thank you, mr. chair
-old man was shot inside a home on commerce way near santa anita park. we've been told the gunman walked out of the house, got into a ford econoline van and drove away. he's described as african american, 6 feet tall with dread locks and goatee. >>> three colorado movie-goers injured during gunfire at a midnight showing of the dark rises have filed lawsuits, claiming the theater failed to provide adequate security. 24-year-old james holmes faces multiple charges of murder and attempted murder in that case. >>> the owner of the theater where the shooting happened says it will likely reopen early next year. the announcement comes after aurora mayor stephen hogan wrote the ceo of cinemark, saying the community wanted the theater to reopen. >> when something bad happens, you try to make a positive out of it. i think it is a good idea to, you know, have it reopen. >> hogan has also suggested putting up a memorial inside that theater. >>> a wal-mart security guard was killed in a shooting at a miami area store. the discount chain says the man who was trying to steal undershirts in march gate,
? are we in a quorum? the presiding officer: we are not. mr. reid: i ask unanimous consent the commerce committee be discharged from further consideration of presidential nomination 1958 and the foreign relation committee be discharged from further consideration of presidential nomination 1879, 1880 and 1923. that's -- that's it. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. reid: mr. president, that the -- we proceed to these en bloc nomination be confirmed motion to reconsider be considered made, laid on the table, there being no intervening action or debate and that any statements relating to this matter be printed in the record at the appropriate place as if read and the senate be notified immediately of the senate's action. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. reid: i ask unanimous consent that the senate consider calendars numbers 674 675 the senate proceed to vote on the nominations in the order listed, there being no intervening action or debate, no motions to reconsider being made, laid on the table there being no intervening action or debate and that no further motion
been more frequently. anybody engaged in trying to do harm to the united states or world commerce sees it as an opportunity. they can remain anonymous for some time. that is probably why anonymous has chosen the name. you are not completely anonymous as some -- they are not completely anonymous, but there are some areas where these groups have leverage and can exercise leverage over the world economy and critical infrastructure. host: ron, independent line. caller: i keep hearing comments about cyber attacks and terrorist attacks. i think my government has done more terrorism around the planet than any other government. i hear these things trying to keep the populace scared and terrified. we have another pentagon died trying to prop up the military industrial complex, is what i feel. guest: i do not work for defense contractors. i am independent. i have my own business. i did serve in the military for 26 years. i can tell you from personal experience and historical experience that the united states does not engage in terrorism. in terms of the actual threats, these threats are not ofte
the chamber of commerce every -- literally has bought up every piece of time on the airwaves. we have an intern at the nations from toledo and went back least week and said you cannot see anything except negative attack ads. most of them against brown. >> we have a graph, you can see here where the political parties are absolutely dwarfed in their spending compared to the super pacs and the -- 501-c-4s. i wonder if this is an ultimate form of voter suppression. we talked about voter i.d. in ohio, early voting restrictions. if i can throw all of this at it is that the ultimate way of voter suppression? >> one of the reasons why the electoral system such a mess with supportivesy sense united and the voter suppression laws is because it is not in the interest of both political parties to support an electoral process, more transparent and includes everyone and that levels of the playing field important money. until we have that it is going to keep being a mess. it is kind of like -- actually donald rumsfeld had a phrase which is that if you have a problem and can't solve it you enlarge it
. lawrence a way to open up the center of the country to commerce and trade and later of course the federal highway system, that times the largest public works project in american history. eisenhower was a military man but he was not relativistic. bat as he did not think that war was often a solution to anything. he was what one would call slow to pick up the sword. ike's public persona to grandfather the man with a big smile was largely ike's personal invention. behind the scenes he was strategically vigorous and a tough-minded commander in chief. the people who worked work for him never doubted who was in charge. eisenhower was -- more than any other person. he never had forgotten where he came from and that is why his presidential library is in abilene kansas, close to where i live. ike was not a professional politician that he was one of the most successful politicians in our history and supremely protective of his image. ike did not hesitate to use support like secretary of state john foster dulles as lightning rods for controversial politics that were in fact his creation. eisenhower
, ideology and commerce. walter is one of those people that moves easily from history to politics to miscommunication and there is a reason why. he's been the editor of "time" magazine, the chairman and cnn, the chairman of the broadcasting board of governors, the chairman of teach for america. somewhere along the way he began to turn his voracious appetite for a good story to making stories of the zone. steve jobs, his latest book is a deeply absorbing exploration of the might and personality of the founder and chief of apple incorporated. given the story to hear from steve jobs himself to write an authorized biography, someone else might have turned the book into a puff piece, heavy on accomplishment and light on flaw. but his book is anything but that. it is a full-scale portrait of a fascinating america. it's the story of a boy that started a vision in his garage with a friend from down the street turned into a worldwide phenomenon. the president of the "washington post" said yesterday walter isaacson's book is yet another perfectly designed product by steve jobs, for he knew
to be a responsible partner in the world of trade and commerce, they have to understand they cannot take away jobs on an unfair basis. >> investing in companies that uprooted from here and went to china. you cannot stand up to china when all you have done is send them our jobs. >> watch and engage with c-span as the campaign to toward the elections. foreign policy will be the debate of -- will be the focus of debate no. 3. audience members will get a chance to ask questions on tuesday the 16th. the final debate on foreign policy will take place the 22nd. watch the vice president debate october 11. >> maxine waters was cleared of ethics by listen charges today. her chief of staff, who is also her grandson, still faces an inquiry. they determined there was no evidence that representative waters pressured the treasury department to give a bailout to the united -- the minority on the bank. the committee findings concludes a two-year investigation and is one hour 40 minutes. >> first included allegations of the investigation and the 111th congress violated represent of waters due process rights. they u
the commerce committee be discharged from further consideration of h.r. 2838, and the senate proceed to its immediate consideration. the presiding officer: the clerk will report. the clerk: h.r. 2838, an act to authorize appropriations for the coast guard for fiscal years 2012-2015, and for other purposes. the presiding officer: without objection, the committee is discharged and the senate will proceed to the measure. mr. pryor: i further ask that the rockefeller substitute amendment which is at the desk be agreed to, the bill as amended be read a third time and passed, that the title amendment which is at the desk be agreed to, the motion to reconsider be made and laid upon the table with no intervening action or debate and that any statements relating to the measure be printed at the appropriate place in the record as if read. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. pryor: mr. president, i ask unanimous consent for the senate to proceed to the immediate consideration of calendar number 525, s. 3341. the presiding officer: the clerk will report. the clerk: calendar number 525, s. 334
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)